Web development:

  • I’ve become interested in web development recently, and have begun working on a habit-tracking project called, unoriginally, Habit. Currently it’s a good exercise for becoming familiar with Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, Flask and SQLAlchemy.

Hardware hacking:

  • I ordered a bunch of AI-Thinker ESP32 camera modules from Universal Solder (Canadian vendor of Arduino, ESP32, electronic components, etc; I’m a happy customer & recommend them thoroughly). Started digging into how to make it into a timelapse camera.


  • I signed up for a free account with [The SDF Public Access UNIX System][3]. I’ve got a totes-real homepage at [http://saintaardvark.unixcab.org][4], just like the old days.

[2]: The SDF Public Access UNIX System [3]: http://sdf.org [4]: http://saintaardvark.unixcab.org