February and March got away from me…but fair enough, because I started my new job at a 🌠SPACE🌠COMPANY 🛰📡🤯. I’m pretty excited. Also, though, I got COVID and then a sinus infection in March, which sapped my energy. I got over it, but man, that was not pleasant.

So what did I do?

Hardware hacking

  • Continued to work on firmware for weather vane.

Climate letters

  • Three sets, rather than the 8 that should have been. But COVID.


  • So much Terraform work. I’ve got the luxury of setting up the codebase from scratch, and so far (🤞) I think I’m doing a decent job of it.

  • Travelled to Edmonton for an offsite, and actually met my team in person for the first time. I talked to almost everyone in the company. Such an amazing bunch of people. And hey, our first satellite is due to launch real soon now…