Welp…this took a long time to write up. In my defense, I got COVID in January and that sort of threw me off for a couple months. But it’s also just taken me a while to get back to it. Anyhow, onward!

Machine learning/data science

  • I submitted my entry to the Data Driven Cloud Cover Competition! Aaaaand…my score was terrible. However, I got a lot of practice out of this, and it was valuable for that. I intended to go back and figure out exactly why my scores were so abysmal, but got derailed (see first paragraph). But I think that for whatever reason, my GAN was just not working at all. I need to get more practice with this technique.

  • Some volunteer work for a local environmental society to demonstrate how to use Pandas for graphing.

Climate emergency

  • More letters to politicians. Did not make every week, but I’m cutting myself some slack here.