Here’s a quick list, for my own reference, of what I got up to in January. It’s heartening to see everything laid out, and realize that I’ve actually managed to get a fair bit done!

Hardware hacking

  • My father-in-law and I worked on getting the precipitation meter going for our weather station. It took a while, but we finally got it working. 🎉

  • Some one-wire temperature sensors came in, and I was able to whip up a quick demo to make sure they worked.

  • Talked to my father-in-law about building a Lehmann seismograph. Early days, but I think he’s in.


Machine learning

  • Some progress, though slow, on going through the FastAI book.

  • Tripped over Roboflow, which generates synthetic data for ML; very interesting, and I may give this a try for the dishwasher loading critic.

  • Some initial experiments with detecto, a simple wrapper for PyTorch object detection.


  • Not a whole lot of trips out, but some…and managing to reach D4Z Cape Verde on 10W. 9,155 km!

  • Totalled up my contacts toward SKCC Centurion…42/100. Normally I’m not big on this sort of thing, but it’s a number to reach for, and that’s no bad thing right now.