Home sysadmin

  • Migrated mail server to EasyDNS.ca. Quite happy with their service so far.

  • Set up new home server on a NUC when the old, silent PC started having recurring hardware problems.

  • Set up monit to monitor more stuff at home.

  • New laptop: off-least T490s from Amazon. Great price for 16GB/512GB; just wish I liked the keyboard more.

Hardware & software hacking

  • Got a random LCD display working with an ESP32…surprisingly hard.

  • More playing with the seismometer. Daily reports now being generated.

  • Got tree-sitter working in Emacs. This is wonderful.

  • Got nodered, MQTT set up; three ESP32 thermometers set up (see Climate Emergency section ahead).

  • Repair work on tipping bucket rain meter at weather station.

  • Start work on tree tomography project.

  • Start graphing data for air quality in Sault Ste Marie, where my parents live. It’s not great. ☹️

Climate emergency

  • Continuing to send letters to provincial and federal government asking for faster action.

  • Continuing to pester my MLA for meetings.

  • Got a portable AC just in time for the heat wave this summer. Internal temps in our home office went over 30.5 C, but our 3rd floor (where the kids sleep) stayed reasonably comfortable:

Graph of inside temperatures