A little late (hah!), but still trying to keep the habit.


  • A lot of work getting ready for Google Summer of Code – our third year participating.

  • Initial analyses for a couple different satellites: QUBIK-1 and -2 (using data from integration testing), OPSSAT (see below for why).

  • Documentation improvements, always important.

  • Begin working (with a crapton of other people!) on a proposal to run our software on OPSSAT. This has been a lot of fun.

Machine learning / data science

  • More work on the dishwasher loading critic; not as much as I would have liked, though. But I did pay my son to annotate ~ 100 images. 🤘

  • Got my tree map page put up on this website.


  • Replace failing hard drive for Zombie, the home server that does it all.

Hardware hacking

  • More work on the anemometer. My father-in-law built a shelter for this to keep the rain off, and we’ve now got the sensors/magnets permanently (*with crazy glue) mounted on the arms.


  • First attempt at POTA, at a local park. Unfortunately, I only got four QSOs, so no good. I think part of that is probably due to the location: it was in a lower part of the park, and it seemed to affect propagation.