Let’s catch up!

Hardware hacking

  • Weathervane: FINALLY IN PLACE. It only took a year.

    • Incidentally, the last bit of this was trying to get a [Coral dev board0 to work with a USB serial device. Turns out the kernel doesn’t include the driver, which (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻. And after two weekends of trying, I gave up trying to rebuild the image; all of the instructions I found were out-of-date, including the ones from Google. What a crock.
  • Not exactly hardware hacking, since there was very little hardware to think about – but orderinga Raspberry Shake 1D has turned out to be enormously fun. See https://github.com/sheeny72/RPiSandB for amazingly great examples of the kind of info you can get out of them.


  • Tried building a local web app to play random everynoise.com playlists, inspired by this article. It turned out to be reasonably straightforward in the end, though my Flask code is going to make baby Jesus cry.

  • Started scraping pollen forecasts (late-onset allergies are fun). Discovered that the requests module has a super-helpful sessions object, which lets you (say) persist cookies across requests. Recommended if you’re, uh, doing research on how to scrape APIs for fun.

Home sysadmin

  • Migrated from LastPass to 1Password. Very happy.